DUCTZ Boca Raton Duct Cleaning Experts Launch New Website to Educate Homeowners

Educational website contains links to important information for new homeowners concerning indoor air quality

Boca Raton, FL – New homeowners looking for information about duct cleaning service find the DUCTZ Boca Raton website an educational resource. The site contains information for homeowners about air duct cleaning service and contact information to a local service technician.

The site explains why duct cleaning companies are not all the same. In fact, the cheap, discount duct cleaning contractors often perform substandard work which can result in more harm than good regarding indoor air quality.

The site contains a list of common issues that cause concern about air quality in the home. Most people moving into a new home do not know if the previous owner properly maintained their HVAC system or if they had a history of problems related to dirty duct work. DUCTZ (http://www.airductcleaningbocaraton.com/) air duct cleaning professionals can do a complete inspection and provide an honest evaluation.

People that suffer from allergies may be concerned if previous residents owned pets or if they were heavy smokers. Pet hair and dander can settle into the duct work and odors from smoke can linger for a long time. If the home was recently remodeled, debris could still be in the duct work.

Duct cleaning service by a qualified professional can help reduce exposure to certain allergy triggers such as bugs, rodents and pet dander from air ducts and heating and cooling systems. DUCTZ air duct cleaning technicians will do an inspection and provide an honest evaluation of services needed to ensure indoor air quality. Visit http://ductcleaningbocaraton.blogspot.com/ to learn more.

DUCTZ is the nation’s largest air duct cleaning and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) restoration company. DUCTZ services helps homeowners and businesses to save money by optimizing HVAC system efficiency through cleaning and restoration. DUCTZ also provides microbial maintenance controls and chemical-free processes for reducing biological contaminants. DUCTZ is a member of the National Air Duct Cleaner’s Association (NADCA), Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (ACCA), leading industry standards. DUCTZ was featured on cable television’s show Designing Spaces, and in Entrepreneur magazine’s January 2009 issue, was ranked #1 in its category and in the upper half of the Top 500 Franchises in the United States. In 2009, DUCTZ was acquired by newly created BELFOR Franchise Group, a privately held, multi-concept franchise system with access to BELFOR International, the world’s largest property restoration company.